Westmont High School presents Lend Me A Tenor

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Westmont High School Presents Lend Me A Tenor

High school play packs comedic punch, kissing
November 3-5, 2007

Looking for a laugh this weekend? Students at Westmont High School are promising many during the three performances of “Lend Me A Tenor.”

The play is a comedic farce set in 1930s Cleveland that relies on double entendres, mistaken identities and innuendo. Cast and crew have been working on the production since September, fine-tuning scenes containing kissing, a drug-addled opera singer and lots of door slamming.

“Yes, there’s lots of kissing. My character kind of gets around,” said senior Erica Ramos, who plays the lead female role of Maggie. “We were all pretty nervous (in practice). Making it look real is hard, but you just get into your character.”

Theater teacher and co-director Grant Sahr said the focus in rehearsals was on timing the comedic delivery, and Erica said she thinks it will pay off.

“Even after reading the script like a hundred times by now, it’s still a really funny show,” she said.

Written by Ken Ludwig, the play revolves around an acclaimed opera singer “Tito Merelli,” who is slated to do a much-anticipated performance at the Cleveland Opera Company. A misinterpreted love affair, suicide note and accidental drug overdose ensue, unleashing confusion, clashing egos and frivolous mayhem centering around the central premise that “the show must go on.”

Sophomore Elliott Plowman said the play has plenty “adult humor,” which he likened to the sitcom “Three’s Company.” Elliott said he gained insight into his role as the opera company’s general manager from his father, who played the same role in a community theater production in Downers Grove.

“My favorite part is when I’m shaking Tito’s lifeless body,” Elliott said.

The set is relatively simple, but Erica said the elaborate paint and trimming job is the work of the stage crew.

“The cast has worked extremely hard, and everyone has put in so much time to make this possible,” Erica said. “Sometimes performing arts get overlooked at Westmont (High School). People should come out and see it for a laugh.”

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