The Adventures of Tom Sawyer

The Adventures of Tom Sawyer

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A Musical Comedy.

In this Broadway adaptation of America's favorite book, Mark Twain's classic story comes to exuberant musical life. The Adventures of Tom Sawyer is the irresistible story of a fourteen-year-old boy growing up in the heartland of America. This Broadway musical version of Mark Twain's immortal novel is set in 1840 in St. Petersburg, Missouri, a bustling town on the banks of the Mississippi River. In the course of the story, Tom matches wits with his stern Aunt Polly, falls in love with the beautiful, feisty Becky Thatcher, and goes on the adventure of his life with Becky and that irresistible renegade, Huckleberry Finn. Along the way we meet a terrifying villain named Injun Joe, Tom's bratty half-brother Sid, and all the other boys and girls in the village - providing one scene-stealing children's role after the other. Filled with foot-stomping, toe-tapping songs by Don Schlitz ("The Gambler"), The Adventures of Tom Sawyer is a tale of thrilling escapes, comedy and inspiration for the whole family. It played on Broadway at the Minskoff Theater, and was directed by Scott Ellis.

For six men, nine women and chorus. Unit set.

The Adventures of Tom Sawyer on Broadway "To Hear You Say My Name"


"Tom Sawyer [is] fast-moving and bright … [It] overflows with innocence and affection."
The Washington Post

"Joyous, wholesome, literate and wonderfully realized... guaranteed to dazzle and enchant children and adults alike."


2 Tony Award Nominations

4 Drama Desk Award Nominations

Winner Theatre World Award (Joshua Park)

Full Reviews

Washington Post


Nashville Dinner Theatre Production, The Tennessean

Chaska Valley Family Theatre, Eden Prairie News

Interesting Facts

On Broadway, the role of Becky Thatcher was played by Kristin Bell. Kristin is now the star of her own WB television series, "Veronica Mars." She was great in Sawyer and she's greater than ever in her new show.

Licensing Information

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Production Photos

Directed by Scott Ellis,
PC: Joan Marcus

sawyer 2.jpg
Tom (Joshua Park) and his friends paintin' the fence

sawyer 3.jpg
Jim Poulos as Huckleberry Finn - Joshua Park as Tom Sawyer

sawyer 1.jpg
Joshua Park as Tom Sawyer - Lind Purl as Aunt Polly

sawyer 4.jpg
Joshua Park as Tom Sawyer

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