Treasure Island, Take 2

By Ken Ludwig
Reviewed by Hunter Kieserman
DC Theatre Scene

Ahoy Mateys!

Since I was a baby I’ve always had an interest in pirates and treasure. My mother used to tell me stories of the notorious Captain Hook or of the fearsome Blackbeard. My favorite pirate was the villainous yet lovable, one-legged Long John Silver from Robert Louis Stevenson’s novel Treasure Island.

Treasure Island is the story of a boy named Jim Hawkins who comes into the possession of a treasure map that is coveted by notorious pirates such as Black Dog, Blind Pew, George Merry, and of course the iconic Long John Silver. I knew the story well but I wasn’t sure what to expect of the stage adaptation by Ken Ludwig.

What I saw at Round House Theatre was amazing! It was an experience I will never forget!

Without giving away all the marvelous staging, let me tell you about two scenes that really captured my attention. The first scene is an added prologue that takes place on the mesmerizing revolving stage designed by Jeff Modereger. This scene contains lots of beautifully choreographed fighting and action. The next scene that I really enjoyed was the explosive finale of Act I with an exciting swordfight and a mutiny on board the ship. Both of these scenes were beautiful and exciting!

Adapted by Ken Ludwig and directed spectacularly by Blake Robison, I saw a wonderful cast lead by Marybeth Fritzky (Jim Hawkins) and Mark Mineart (Long John Silver). Fritzky and Mineart not only made the roles believable, but developed the personas of the characters so well that at times I thought they were real pirates.

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