Marybeth Fritzky as Jim Hawkins and Mark Mineart as Long John Silver

PC: Danisha Crosby


Pirates Spied In Bethesda

By Darona Williams

PARENTS SEARCHING HIGH AND LOW for adult-friendly, non-red-and-green kids' theater this holiday season can call off the hunt. Then, dust off the old wooden leg, strap on your most intimidating eye patch and set sail for "Treasure Island."

Directed by Blake Robinson, Round House Theatre's version of Ken Ludwig's adaptation of this classic novel is an adventure for the entire family. And chaperones will be happy to know there are no crayon-colored backdrops or giant singing parrots.

Young Jim Hawkins — convincingly played by actress Marybeth Fritzky — is forced to help his mother operate the family inn after his father dies. Here, he meets Billy Bones, an on-the-run pirate who, upon his deathbed, charges Jim with the safety of a treasure map.

Circumstances force Jim to share the secret of his new map with friends, one of whom happens to be a blabbermouth with a ship. Another, a stranger who claims to be an old friend of his father's, is really Captain Long John Silver, leader of a pack of pirates who lay claim to the map and its treasures.

Suddenly, Jim and his friends are on course with Silver and his crew from England to the West Indies to find the buried riches. But before long, there's mutiny on the ship and the crew splits into the good versus the bad.

And after a series of well-choreographed, action-packed fight scenes, the good guys win. Lesson learned, tots entertained, and everyone is happy. Even Dad.

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