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Glitterati Production of Moon Over Buffalo, Full Cast, including David Besky, Jan Vitt, Meredith Wood, Rachel Urbanowicz, Annika Johansson, Patrick Halley, Jim Kozyra, Paul Nyhart; PC: Pete Coons; hair & makeup by Robert Hilliard; Directed and with costumes by John Nasca

Mark Vanden
Chicago, IL

This show is a top quality theater production. The moment you walk into the theater you are taken back to the 1950s. A huge set that spans the entire stage, just about a new costume for each character each scene (and by the way, the costumes are the real deal it could not get any better than this), hair and make-up that is very true to the period and an amazing group of actors that have you laughing and smiling the entire show. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS SHOW!

Review: 4 Stars

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