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Romain Fruge as Max - Patrick Quinn as Tito; PC: T. Charles Erickson


Lend Me A Tenor at Edge of the World Theatre

No shortage of laughter with 'Lend Me a Tenor'

By Theresa Goffredo
Herald Writer

For their 150th production, Edge of the World Theatre is pulling out all the stops with what it is billing as one of the most hilarious plays ever written.

"Lend Me a Tenor" continues through April 21.

The show actually opened Thursday, a week later than planned because veteran Edge actor Brian Vyrostek threw out his back and could not perform opening weekend, especially since "Lend Me a Tenor" is such a high-speed, physical show, said Edge director Michael Kelley.

The story is by Ken Ludwig and is a wild, door-slamming farce, said Kelley, who called the play at the top of the list as an audience favorite.

Kelley said it's "nothing but wall-to-wall laughter."

The set-up goes something like this:

The manager of the Cleveland Grand Opera Company is going broke. It's 1934, a terrible time to go broke. Then the manager has a brilliant idea to save the company: Get the world's greatest tenor and charge lots of money for a one-night-only performance.

Unfortunately, the womanizing tenor is found dead the night of the show. Time for a stand-in.

The manager's assistant has never sung in public before, ever, but he fits the costume. The assistant is scared witless, can't really even speak anymore, let alone sing, but he's about to make his stage debut.

But wait. The tenor wakes up (turns out he was just really drunk, not dead). He staggers toward the stage. ...

That's just the beginning of this mixed-up, mistaken identity comedy that builds to what the New York Times called "the single most explosive and hilarious curtain call in recent memory."

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