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Hal Holbrook and Dixie Carter in the Alley Theatre Production of Be My Baby; PC: T. Charles Erickson


Be My Baby review in the Southwest News

The Alley's “Be My Baby” is the “Don't Miss” Show of the Season

By Kathleen Ballanfant
Southwest News
October 18, 2005

The hottest ticket in town has got to be to see the Astros play.

But "Be My Baby," on stage at The Alley Theatre through Oct. 23 may be the second. It's the “don't miss” show of the season, a funny, feel-good kind of show that makes you warm all over.

Playwright Ken Ludwig has discovered a formula for success. "Be My Baby" is his latest play (the world premiere was The Alley's opening last week), and it's built on a plot similar to those in his incredibly successful "Lend Me A Tenor," "Crazy For You" and "Leading Ladies."

It doesn't hurt that he has Hal Holbrook and Dixie Carter playing the leading roles. The two have a magical chemistry, a Hepburn-Tracy sort of fire that makes the audience glad they came along for the ride.

Carter is simply spectacular. Her "airplane" scene is both hilarious and athletic. She uses so much energy that it's a wonder she doesn't sprain her neck.

While the plot is predictable, who cares? Sometimes it's nice to let a play softly roll along, no moral dilemma, no problems to solve. This plot does have one surprise, and I shan't tell you what it is!

"Be My Baby" plays through Oct. at The Alley.

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