Ken's Article Featured in The Yale Review


Ken’s article on The Great Tradition of Comedy will be featured in the October issue of the Yale Review. In it, Ken traces the development of English stage comedy from the high comedies of William Shakespeare through the end of the 20th century.

Click here to download The Great Tradition of Comedy by Ken Ludwig.

Copies of the Yale Review are available at your local bookstore or through the Yale Review website.

The Yale Review, first published in 1819, is the nations oldest literary quarterly. According to the journal's website, "In a land of quick fixes and short view and in a time of increasingly commercial publishing, the Yale Review has an authority that derives from its commitment to bold established writers and promising newcomers, to both challenging literary work and a range of essays and reviews that can explore the connections between academic disciplines and the broader movements in American society, thought, and culture. With independence and boldness, with a concern for issues and ideas, with a respect for the mind’s capacity to be surprised by speculation and delighted by elegance, The Yale Review proudly continues into its third century."

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