Midsummer / Jersey

Dan Barr as Oberon, Photo by Frank Ruth

Sarah Irving as Titania, Photo by Frank Ruth


Midsummer / Jersey

Midsummer / Jersey

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Midsummer/Jersey is the hilarious high-octane re-telling of Shakespeare’s Midsummer Night’s Dream set on the boardwalk of a seaside town in modern-day New Jersey. The story is set into motion by the impending marriage of the Governor of New Jersey, the love affairs of four beach-bound high school crushes, a lively crew of fairies and the staff of the local beauty salon (run by Patti Quince and Stylist Nikki Bottom). The night takes a magical, mayhem-filled turn when Oberon--angered by his wife who refuses to buy him a muscle car for his birthday--and the impish Puck arrive on the scene armed with a powerful love-potion-filled flower and a desire for mischief making. With several weddings and the acting careers of six beauticians hanging in the balance, the lovers take to the boardwalk, backed by pop music and an iPhone-obsessed wood sprite. Written for high schools and colleges, Midsummer/Jersey received its world premiere in November 2011 at James Robinson High School in Fairfax, VA where it played to sold-out houses.

Without doubling, at least 27 actors, 22 women and 5 men (but opportunities for more fairies, both male and female)
With doubling, 15 actors: 10 women and 5 men.


The Washington Post: Ken Ludwig world premiere to be at high school:
A Broadway master is trying out his play--Shakespeare meets "Jersey Shore"--at a Fairfax high school

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Famed Broadway playwright Ken Ludwig picked a high school in Fairfax, Va., to debut his latest play -- which is a little "Jersey Shore" meets Shakespeare.

Kolya Rabinowitch as Dennis, Gabby Rojtman as Mia DiCarlo
Photo by Michael Williamson for The Washington Post



Sarah Marksteiner, Brandy Skaddan, Molly Johnson, Mary Turgeon, Jamie Green, and Carys Meyer
Photo Frank Ruth

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