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Jane Connell and Chris Duva in the Alley Theatre Production of Leading Ladies, directed by the author; PC: T. Charles Erickson

Leading Ladies

Leading Ladies

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A Comedy.

Brent Barrett and Erin Dilly starred in this hilarious comedy about two English Shakespearean actors, Jack and Leo, who find themselves so down on their luck that they are performing "Scenes from Shakespeare" on the Moose Lodge circuit in the Amish country of Pennsylvania. When they hear that an old lady in York, PA is about to die and leave her fortune to her two long lost English nephews, they resolve to pass themselves off as her beloved relatives and get the cash. The trouble is, when they get to York, they find out that the relatives aren't nephews, but nieces! Romantic entanglements abound, especially when Leo falls head-over-petticoat in love with the old lady’s vivacious niece, Meg, who’s engaged to the local minister. Meg knows that there’s a wide world out there, but it’s not until she meets “Maxine and Stephanie” that she finally gets a taste of it. The world premiere of Leading Ladies was co-produced by Cleveland Play House and the Alley Theatre in 2004, directed by the author.

For five men and three women. Unit set.


"Thanks to Ken Ludwig and his Leading Ladies our lives are that much brighter."
Broadway World

"Ludwig’s newest comedy is so funny, it will make sophisticated and reasonable men and women of the 21st century cackle till their faces hurt."
The Houston Press

"Leading Ladies is consistently funny - indeed, increasingly hilarious as it progresses."
The Houston Chronicle

"Look for Leading Ladies to become a staple of summer stock and community theatres. And, mind you, I mean that as a compliment."

"Ken Ludwig gives the audience something powerful and potent: laughter and a guiltless evening of Theatre-going."
Village News

"Leading Ladies is a highly combustible and continuously hilarious new comedy by Ken Ludwig, Broadway's reigning comic writer."
The Cleveland Plain Dealer

"Ludwig's laugh-a-second (yes, they do come that fast) farce, will surely join "Charley's Aunt" ... in the repertories of regional and community theatres for decades to come."
The San Diego Union-Tribune

"Ken Ludwig has hit it out of the park, or theatre rather, again!"
Stephens College

"Two English Shakespearean actors are down-on-their-luck - so down-on-their-luck, in fact, that they end up performing Shakespeare on the Moose Lodge circuit in Pennsylvania's Amish Country. Enter romantic interest and the need to become legitimate. This play just gets funnier as Jack and Leo hatch a plot to pass themselves off as two English women to scam an elderly woman of her fortune. Disastrous decisions lead to hilarious comedy worthy of Ken Ludwig who also penned Lend me a Tenor."
Pittsburgh Live on Leading Ladies at The Mountain Playhouse

"Ken Ludwig's Leading Ladies is a laugh riot! ...One heck of a lot of fun!"
The Ottawa Citizen

"This is a crowd-pleaser if there ever was one...the comedy is ferocious!"
Vancouver Province

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Production Photos

Leading Ladies at the Alley Theatre
Directed by Ken Ludwig
PC: T. Charles Erickson

Brent Barrett as Leo - Erin Dilly as Meg

Meg and Leo Resized.jpg
Erin Dilly as Meg - Brent Barrett as Leo

Leading Ladies Resized 236.JPG Leading Ladies Resized 195.JPG
From left to right:
Lacey Kohl as Audrey - Tim McGeever as Butch
Tim McGeever as Butch - Brent Barrett as Leo

Leading Ladies Resized 071.JPG
Chris Duva as Jack - Brent Barrett as Leo

ll_Duncan-and-Florence.jpg ll_Meg-and-Leo.jpg ll_Florence.jpg
From left to right:
Jane Connell as Florence - Mark Jacoby as Duncan
Erin Dilly as Meg - Brent Barrett as Leo
Jane Connell as Florence

Leading Ladies Resized 138.JPG Leo and Jack in Drag Resized.jpg
From left to right:
Jane Connell as Florence - Chris Duva as Jack
Chris Duva as Jack - Brent Barrett as Leo

Leading Ladies Resized 219.JPG
Dan Luria as Doc, Tim McGeever as Butch, Erin Dilly as Meg, Chris Duva as Jack, Lacey Kohl as Audrey, Brent Barrett as Leo

Leading Ladies Resized 021.JPG
Lacey Kohl as Audrey, Chris Duva as Jack, Brent Barrett as Leo

Leading Ladies in Helsinki


ll_Jack-and-Meg.jpg ll_Jack-and-Leo-Staircase.jpg

Leading Ladiesin Czech Republic


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