Robin Hood! in San Diego

I was thrilled to be in San Diego starting rehearsals for Robin Hood! We have an absolutely terrific cast. Robin Hood will be played by Daniel Reece, Michael Boatman plays Prince John, Kevin Cahoon will play The Sheriff of Nottingham, Manoel Felciano is Sir Guy of Gisbourne, Meredith Garretson plays Maid Marian, Andy Grotelueschen will play Friar Tuck, Suzelle Palacios plays Doerwynn, and Paul Whitty is Little John.

The Robin Hood! team at first rehearsal

As always during rehearsals, I wrote new passages and I even added a new scene last night.

The Globe Theatre, of course, is a wonder to behold--three theatres in Balboa Park and they are always full.


While I was there, I saw Fiasco Theatre's production of The Imaginary Invalid and it was the greatest production of a Molière play I've ever seen. Don't miss it. It is truly remarkable. Andy Grotelueschen--who plays Friar Tuck in Robin Hood!-- plays the title role. Lucky me to have him in Robin Hood!

The cast of The Imaginary Invalid at The Old Globe
Photo by Jim Cox