In Act 2 of Leading Ladies, how does Audrey enter the room and where do she and Meg stand?

Hello Ken,

I am directing a production of Leading Ladies that opens next month. Our performance will be the first play of Leading Ladies in Japan. I am now facing a problem so I want to ask questions.
In Act2 S3, while Leo and Jack take off their clothes and wigs, where does Audrey come into the room from and where do she and Meg stand? Why doesn't Audrey get surprised to see two men when she enters the room?


Ken replies:

Dear Nina,

So glad to hear that you will be directing Leading Ladies in Japan!

In the original production of Leading Ladies, the balcony went off in two directions. You'll see in the stage directions that the stairs lead up to a balcony, Leading%20Ladies%20Resized%20219.JPGand the balcony leads to two unseen bedrooms. Meg and Audrey come from opposite ends of the balcony, each from a different bedroom. They watch the action below as Leo and Jack take their wigs off.

If your set is not arranged this way, both Meg and Audrey could come from the same direction, since they enter at different times. The important thing is only that they're on the balcony or the landing or whatever that separates them from Jack and Leo. If you don't have a stairway or landing in the set, they could stand in the doorway. As long the characters act as if they don't see each other, and you keep them out of each other's sight-lines, we'll buy it totally.

Best of luck with the production! And please send us production photos if you have any!

With best wishes,


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