How to Teach Your Children Shakespeare

Dear Ken,

Not a question, just a thank you for your wonderful new book. I have around a dozen books about William Shakespeare plus multiple editions of some plays & your book is making me fall in love with WS all over again. I'm recommending it to everyone who loves theater!


Ken replies:

Dear Ann,

Thank you a million for your sweet note. It made my day. That is exactly what I hoped the book would do - introduce Shakespeare to a new generation, and reignite interest for those of us who loved him in the past.

It's really kind of you to take the time to write. I'm just thrilled you're enjoying what was for me, a real labor of love.

Warm regards,


Ann responds:

Dear Ken,

Thank you for your lovely response. I've seen & loved your plays on Broadway.

My husband, who's a high school librarian & avid newspaper reader & reader of books on politics & education, never reads books about shakespeare - but I caught him enjoying your book, too.

You really "struck a blow" for literacy & all of us who care about education are grateful to you. Best wishes & thanks. You may be interested to know, if you don't already, that in barnes & noble your book is in the "home schooling" section, which I thought was interesting. It should probably be in the shakespeare section, but at least they had several copies of it. I first saw it in one of my favorite bookstores, the corner bookstore (prominently displayed) on madison ave. & 93rd street in Manhattan.