How do you advise men playing Max and Tito's roles to prepare singing the duet "Dio, che nell'alma infondere"...?


First, I must say, what a wonderful website and a great idea to let your audience post questions.

I've seleced Lend Me a Tenor for my high school students to perform in the fall and am very much looking forward to it. I've received the CD from Samuel French but had to guess on where the seven songs appear in the script since the tracks are not labled. Do you have any suggestions on how to best use the CD to what you envisioned the music to be within the script?

Also, how do you advise men playing Max and Tito's roles to prepare singing the duet "Dio, che nell'alma infondere" it best to locate the original musical score for them to practice with? What has been done with great success in the past?

Thank you for your time,

Ken replies:

Dear Joy,

Thank you so much for writing. (And we're neighbors. I grew up in York, PA and used to go to Towson with my parents. There was a terrific department store there, as I remember.)

I'm so glad you like the new website. You're one of the first people to give me feedback, so many thanks.

I'm thrilled you're doing Tenor. I've never seen the Sam French CD, but I'll get a copy immediately and write you back and identify the cues. Certainly "La donna e mobile" is the song on the radio. And you know the duet. And the extended piece is for the runaround at the end.

I think the best way for your performers to learn the duet is to get a good CD of Don Carlos and listen to it again and again. Then get the music and learn the two lines of melody. I've found that a few minutes of studying each night for a couple of weeks usually nails it. (As you can imagine, I'm a huge opera fan.)

Thanks so much for writing. And good luck on the production.

Best regards,


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