Duncan's trasition at the end of Leading Ladies

Mr. Ludwig,

I am in rehearsal for a production of "Leading Ladies". I am playing Duncan. I am struggling with the very end of the play where Duncan transitions from seeing Meg & Leo kiss to then abruptly agreeing to participate in "Twelfth Night". I can't find a reason for Duncan to acquiesce so quickly. Can you help with his transition?

Kind regards,

Dan Stevens

Ken replies:

Dear Dan,

I'm so glad to hear that you're in Leading Ladies.

Duncan is not a bad man. This is key to understanding him. When he loses the battle to expose the "girls," he doesn't take his marbles and huff off. He's part of a community and he joins them. He's not happy about it and I think this is a source of comedy in his last moments. But he doesn't stalk away in defeat crying "I'll be back and finish the job." He's been proven wrong and he's resigned to it.

I hope this helps.

Have fun with the show!

All best,


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