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January 11, 2011

American Embassy Sponsors production of Ken Ludwig's Moon Over Buffalo in Moldova

Last month, director Neil S. Fleckman staged the first-ever production of Ken Ludwig's Moon Over Buffalo at the National Theatre in Balti, Moldova, sponsored by the American Embassy. The follow is an excerpt from Mr. Fleckman's Cultural Envoy Report to the State Department accompanied by photos from the production.

DSC_1059%20%282%29.JPG"I am pleased to report that on the evening of Wednesday, December 15, Ken Ludwig's play Moon Over Buffalo made its debut at the Vasile Alecsandri National Theatre in Balti, Moldova. It is my clear impression that the production provided a window, previously unexplored, into an effervescent form of American comedy/farce, never before seen by theatre-goers here. They followed the action closely - and there is a great deal of action indeed! -and took pleasure in the ups and downs of a theatre troupe stranded in Buffalo, and praying for an angel to lift them back up to the big time. One must remember that these themes are novel to spectators here. As sophisticated as their tastes are, there have never been American plays in the repertory of the National Theatre, and the vagaries of American life are not necessarily the same as the vagaries of life in Moldova. Be that as it may, there was sustained applause, and a standing ovation, at the conclusion of Moon Over Buffalo. The Executive Director of the theatre then spoke to the audience, thanking the American Government for its support, and gave me the opportunity to express my appreciation to the actors for their dedication, and the people of Balti
for their welcome to me."